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Bradshaw Begins Construction in Washington, D.C.
Bradshaw Construction Corporation is beginning construction on a $16M sewer project with the DC Water and Sewer Authority in Washington, DC. The project consists of approximately 4,300' of 24” sewer interceptor, including 2,600’ to be installed by microtunneling in four drives, with the longest being 1,860’ along Oregon Avenue at depths of up to 90’. A 60” casing will be tunneled using a Herrenknecht AVN-1200 MTBM, in which the 24” PVC carrier pipe will be installed. Subsurface conditions will consist of Tonalite rock ranging from slightly weathered to highly decomposed. The project also includes the installation of nine access shafts, 1,500’ of open cut sewer installation, three live connections to the existing sewer system and the abandonment of the existing 15” sewer the new 24” one will be replacing. All work will be installed within Oregon Avenue, bordering a congested, residential area, and Rock Creek Park, owned by the National Park Service. Shaft excavation is schedule to begin this winter, with an estimated completion of Fall 2018. 

Bradshaw Begins Construction in Charlotte, NC
Bradshaw Construction Corporation has begun work on a microtunneling project to install 60” steel casing for 42” gravity sewer underneath boulevards and railroads. The subsurface conditions vary from soft ground of clay and silt, partially weathered rock, and granite. Bradshaw is also installing liner plate launch shafts for the tunnels. The project is scheduled to be completed in January of 2017.  

Bradshaw Awarded NUCA Safety Award
The William H. Feather Awards are presented to NUCA member companies who have shown significant commitment and effort to safety within their companies. Judging is based on outstanding safety records, safety statements, and safety program information.  Read More

Bradshaw Begins Construction in Raleigh, NC
Bradshaw has begun construction on a $21M sewer project in Raleigh, NC. The project consists of approximately 3,000 feet of 1-pass and 2-pass microtunneling at 11 locations. The City decided to let a separate trenchless general contract in advance of the 30,000 feet of future open cut pipeline contracts. Casing size is 60” and 72” and the FRP pipe is 42” to 57”. Subsurface conditions range from alluvium and residual soil to partially and unweathered hard granitic rock and mixed face 

Bradshaw Begins Construction in San Antonio, TX
Bradshaw has been awarded a contract to install two tunnels of 72” steel casing, totaling 1,269’ with associated shafts. The shafts range from 45’ to 105’ deep. The subsurface conditions of the microtunnel drives consist of clay stone below the water table.  

Bradshaw Begins Construction in Charlotte, NC
Bradshaw has begun construction of a SEM tunnel 35’ under Morehead Street in downtown Charlotte. The project consists of one access shaft and a 150’ long by 13’ horseshoe shaped tunnel. A 90” RCP storm drain pipe will be installed and grouted in place. Mixed face tunneling requiring careful drill and blast techniques is anticipated for some reaches of the tunnel.  

Bradshaw Begins Construction in Livingston, TX
Bradshaw was selected to install twin 36” steel casings from a 30’ foot deep pump station shaft at the shoreline of Lake Livingston Reservoir to an intake cofferdam in the lake. The 390’ (each) casings are to be installed by microtunneling. The subsurface conditions consist of clay & sandy silt 20’ below the water table. 

Bradshaw Completes Project in Austin, TX
Bradshaw was selected to install a 42” steel casing from a 170’ foot deep pump station shaft at the shoreline of Lake Travis to an intake structure in the lake. The 530’ casing was installed by microtunneling. The MTBM was recovered underwater. The subsurface conditions consist of weak limestone transitioning to clay at the lake bottom.  

Bradshaw Begins Construction in Baltimore, MD
Baltimore City has funded the construction of a 30” FRP sanitary sewer interceptor project to alleviate current sewer lines. Bradshaw Construction Corporation will install 2,500’ of tunnel with a 74.5” diameter cut in the Baltimore Gneiss formation, using a 72” Robbins Rock Head Double Shield TBM. Tunnel depth will vary between 18’ and 55’ deep. Tunneling will be accomplished in four drives between five pre-drilled and blasted shafts, with an additional 9’ diameter drilled shaft installed midway between a proposed 1,200’ drive for TBM modifications and an eventual manhole installation. Anticipated ground conditions will allow for the RHDS to grip against the hard rock tunnel walls, providing support for the needed thrust to propel the machine. Supports will be installed on an as-needed basis depending on encountered rock competency, and will include rock bolts, rib-and-board sets, and liner plates to support excavation beneath AMTRAK and Norfolk Southern lines. 

Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Tampa, FL
Bradshaw Construction has recently been awarded a microtunneling project in Tampa, FL. CH2MHill has contracted Bradshaw to complete 428 linear feet of 60 inch OD steel casing to be microtunneled under the Hillsborough River. The project is currently underway and the steel casing will house a 36 inch ductile iron water main for the City of Tampa.  Article

Bradshaw Completes Project in Prospect, KY
Bradshaw Construction recently completed a 1,133 foot microtunnel of 96 inch steel casing for the Metropolitan Sewer District, located just outside of Louisville, KY. The tunnel was value engineered from (6) separate tunnels to (1) cost-effective large, long tunnel. A 42 inch fiberglass sewer and 30 inch PVC force main pipes were subsequently installed within the casing and grout backfilled in place. The microtunnel was mined through clays and silts well below the water table as it crossed a major highway and twice under Harrod's Creek.  

Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Washington, DC
Bradshaw Construction has recently been awarded a TBM Tunneling project in Washington, DC. Corman Construction has contracted Bradshaw Construction to complete 1,014LF of 72" Rib & Board Tunnel and 1,313LF of 145" Rib & Board Tunnel. The tunnels will be used to install 48" and 110" FRP Sewer for DC Water. 

Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Mobile, AL
Bradshaw Construction has recently been awarded a Microtunneling project in Mobile, Alabama. Hemphill Construction has contracted Bradshaw Construction to complete an approximate 120 LF 60” OD welded steel casing Microtunnel underneath Central Illinois Railroad for the City of Mobile, Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners. 

Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Reading, PA
Reading Sewer Main Upgrade Under Way. Jack Jones, General Superindent with Bradshaw Construction is interviewed by readingeagle.com to discuss our current microtunneling project in Reading, PA. Article

Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Miami, FL
Bradshaw was awarded a $3+ million contract to construct the MDC Thermal Plant Interconnection Project by Consolidated Edison Solutions (CES). The project consists of installing 24” DIP chilled water lines in downtown Miami, Florida by microtunneling and opencut on an accelerated schedule to meet the HVAC demands of CES’s Miami customers. Project Information

Bradshaw Achieves LEED Silver Certification
Bradshaw’s Eldersburg headquarters has qualified for the Leed Silver energy conservation certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. It uses state of the art ground source heat pumps, computerized HVAC controls, indirect florescent lighting, and many other design and construction techniques to achieve sustainable energy efficiency. The building is now listed on the US Department of Energy website:  Bradshaw Construction New Office Building



Microtunnel in Birmingham Rock
By Mike Wanhatalo, Project Engineer - SESTT - Southeast Journal of Trenchless Technology
Bradshaw Construction Corporation (Bradshaw) recently completed work on the Carson Loop Phase VI-B project in Leeds, Alabama. The project owner was the Birmingham Water Works Board and the design engineer was Volkert and Associates. Bradshaw was chosen as the microtunneling subcontractor by the prime contractor Rast Construction. The project increased water capacity delivered to a rapidly developing commercial and residential area by adding 7,165 LF of 36-inch DIP water main. The project required a single 1,165 LF microtunnel drive of 60-inch steel casing. Read More

Advantages of Microtunneling in Wet Sands & Clays
By Doug Piper, Estimator/Project Manager - MASTT-Mid Atlantic Journal of Trenchless Technology
Bradshaw Construction Corporation (Bradshaw) has recently subcontracted three microtunneling projects in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia: 1. East Princess Anne Trunk Force Main Reinforcement Project; 2. College Drive Waterline Project; 3. Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) Division C Sewerage System Improvements. Read More

Drill & Blast: Case History
By Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr., Eric Eisold, Todd Brown - CSM Short Course Presentation
Tunnel boring machines (TBM) are regularly specified to excavate hard rock tunnels, particularly near existing sensitive structures such as dams, where vibration damage is considered critical. The drill and blast tunnel method is not always considered to be an option. Depending on the length of the tunnel, the rock conditions and the proximity to critical structures, tunneling by drill and blast hand mining can be accomplished as safely as the TBM method yet can be more economical. Bradshaw Construction used the drill and blast hand mine method to successfully install a combined spill way and raw water main tunnel for the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority at its New Ragged Mountain Dam in Charlottesville, VA.  Read More

Case History of the York Energy Center Intake/Blowdown
By Eric Eisold & Sean McIntee - Presentation
The York Energy Center project in Delta, PA consists of 565 megawatt generating facility that recovers heat from hot gas exhaust leaving gas turbines. The combustion turbines burn either natural gas or low sulfur diesel fuel oil. Combined, these two power cycles consume 70-80 percent of the fuel needed by a traditional fossil-fired boiler/steam turbine generator plant. A microtunnel solution to installing the cooling water intake and return was developed by the owner, contractor & tunnel subcontractor. A 460 m x 1500 mm (1500 ft x 59 in) steel casing was jacked through rock and zero blow count river deposits that served as the intake. A 406 mm (16 in) HPDE line was installed inside the casing to serve as a return. Financial and environmental considerations for the microtunneling solution led to replacing the original twin pipeline trenched design. The TBM was recovered from under Conowingo Lake along the Susquehanna River. Read More

Rumble in the Ragged Mountains
By Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr., Todd Brown, Eric Eisold - World Tunneling
Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are regularly specified to excavate hard-rock tunnels, particularly near sensitive structures such as dams, where vibration damage is considered critical. The drill-and-blast tunnel method is not always considered to be an option. However, depending on the length of tunnel, the rock conditions Read More

1,133 Feet of Microtunneling
By Michael Gibson, P.E. & Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr., President Bradshaw Construction Corporation - Southeast Journal of Trenchless Technology
Bradshaw Construction Corporation recently completed a single 1,133' microtunnel drive of 96" OD Permalok steel casing for the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) of Louisville & Jefferson County, Kentucky. This paper highlights certain challenges of slurry microtunneling long drives of steel casing in fine-grained soil conditions, as well as project specific difficulties related to the microtunneling and installing two carrier pipes to design grade through a single casing.  Read More

Microtunneling in Mixed Face/Mixed Reach Hard Rock
By Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr. - CSM Microtunneling Short Course
Bradshaw Construction Corporation recently completed a microtunnel drive that crossed the Schuylkill River in Reading, Pennsylvania. The project consisted of 436 feet of 60 inch steel casing with an average depth of 35 feet at the shafts. Ground cover under the river was as little as 5 feet. Mining conditions began with a mixed face of non-cohesive gravel in the top of the heading overlaying fractured dolomitic rock at the bottom. The heading transitioned to a full face of fractured dolomitic rock approximately half way in to the drive. The rock had unconfined compressive strength (UCS) values of up to 34,300 psi. This paper discusses the challenges associated with the project, including limited work space, rock excavation in the shaft and tunnel, disc cutter wear and changes, managing the water table, and receiving the MTBM in a 9 foot ID drilled shaft. Read More

Microtunneling in Rock: Fact or Fiction?
By Lester Bradshaw, Jr. - CSM Microtunneling Short Course
This paper presents Bradshaw Construction’s perspective on whether microtunneling in hard rock is fact or fiction. It is based on Bradshaw’s fifty years of tunneling experience as well as nearly a decade of experience microtunneling through full and mixed face metamorphic and sedimentary rock formations throughout the Eastern US. Many in the industry are simply unaware of the developments in microtunneling equipment, materials, and construction techniques that now allow the benefits of microtunneling in most rock conditions. Read More

Challenge and triumphs of a large-diameter microtunnel relief interceptor sewer in Indianapolis
By Jeremy Morris, James McKelvey, Todd Brown and Sandra Shafer - I&T
In addition, Bradshaw brought technically superior solutions to the project. This started with carefully considered bidding strategies and continued with the liner plate and steel rib initial support for shaft excavations, aggressively pursuing schedule goals and rapid responses to the unexpected. Perhaps the most impressive aspect was their use of hydraulically powered, telescoping flow-diverters equipped with inflatable plugs on either end instead of expensive bypass pumping where active flow sewer tie-ins were required.

We should record that the use of a DRB on a relatively small project has proven to be successful and is endorsed for future use on underground projects. Read More

Driven to Outperform Itself
By Brooke Knudson - Construction Today Quarterly
With an eye toward improving the infrastructure of America’s cities, Bradshaw Construction Corp. says it doesn’t hold back on digging into some of the most challenging tunneling projects.

Needless to say, a lot has changed in the way of tunneling techniques, equipment and technology since brothers Les and Joe Bradshaw were introduced to the industry as young boys back in the early 1960s.

Now second-generation owners of Bradshaw Construction Corp. based in Ellicott City, Md., the two have contracted work for federal, state, counties, municipalities, contractors and private owners. The company provides tunneling services for the utility and transportation sectors from Maine to Florida and as far west as Kansas, President and co-owner Les Bradshaw Jr. says.

“Most contractors say you can’t be all things to all people, but we do about every type of tunneling technique available and this allows us to serve more clients and be a performance-based contractor rather than a low-cost competitor,” Bradshaw explains. “We’re not interested in the lowest price; we’re interested in providing the best value.” PDF



5k for Families Race/Walk
Bradshaw Construction Corporation is a Proud Sponsor of the 5K for Families Race/Walk and Family Fun Event on Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 8:00am. For more information:  www.nfrchelp.org

Eric Eisold Appointed Vice President of Bradshaw Construction Corporation
Eric D. Eisold, P.G., has been named Vice President of Bradshaw Construction Corporation. He previously held the position of Area Manager, responsible for the day-to-day management of estimating and project management departments ensuring our projects are completed on time and within budget.

In his new position, Eric will be responsible for expanding the pipeline of new business and building the company’s market position as well as continuing his management role in estimating and operations. With over 30 years of experience in heavy civil construction, Eric has provided our clients with the best tunnel construction and value engineering possible.

“I believe Eric’s leadership, experience and past success uniquely qualify him to help diversify and expand our services in the tunneling industry,” Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr. said.

Bradshaw Construction Corporation Celebrates 30 Years in Tunneling
With over five decades of experience, we've earned respect as technological innovators through the construction of highly difficult tunneling projects. We owe that success to our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, safety, and by earning our clients' trust.