Microtunneling Bradshaw Company Maryland TUNNELING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1963      


Our Vision/Mission/Values

bradshaw construction

"To be the largest, most competent utility tunnel contractor in our market."


"We will safely and profitably build tunnels with our staff of knowledgeable, trustworthy, performance driven professionals."


  • Safety - It is expected that we will ensure a safe workplace environment.

  • Loyal - We consider our employees to be family, who we treat with respect and encouragement.

  • Trustworthy - We are ethical and dependable.

  • Knowledgeable - Our decisions and actions are driven by the acquisition and application of intelligence.

  • Determined - We will never stop until we have reached a solution.

  • Competitive - We want to win and be the best.

  • Performance Driven – We set and achieve high standards in everything we do.

  • Profitable – We expect a return on investment for our efforts.